Profitability, efficiency, and cashflow for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Caterers

We help hospitality business owners achieve peak financial performance and profit!

Do you want to outsource your bookkeeping and optimise your processes? Would you love to increase efficiency so you can improve your profits and cashflow?

Brunch & Books are ‘open for lunch’ serving efficiency with a side of increased profits to hospitality business owners.

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Professional bookkeeping & consulting for restaurants, cafes, bars and CATERING companies

Is your cashflow causing you stress?

If you said “Yes”, you’re not alone. Almost all hospitality business failures can be attributed to poor cashflow and high staff turnover. This is why a specialised hospitality bookkeeper is going to save you time and money. We help you to reach industry standards, improve cashflow and update your systems so you can smash your goals and sleep easy at night.

We cater to small businesses all over Melbourne, providing both general and specialised hospitality bookkeeping services. Streamlining processes to increase profitability and efficiency is our specialty. We also provide standard monthly bookkeeping services including data entry, bank reconciliations, BAS preparation & lodgement, payables and receivables, plus all-things-payroll.

“People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Why choose us?

Our true passion is working with the hospitality industry. And there is nothing more rewarding than watching your profits grow.

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Personal touch

We enjoy working with small businesses because it allows us to make connections with owners, and help resolve their most pressing bookkeeping and accounting challenges. There is nothing more rewarding than working long-term and building close relationships.

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High staff turnover is a big pain-point in hospitality, and cashflow is the biggest hurdle across the board for all kinds of small businesses, regardless of industry. We understand this and make it our priority to do more than just bookkeeping but to help you resolve sticking-points in the business.

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Pure efficiency

On top of streamlining your processes to make your small business more profitable, we save you money right from the beginning. We use the latest cloud-technology to give you more value-for-money than you would receive from an in-house bookkeeper.

Accounting and Receipt Management Software

We use smart software to automate payroll and we make sure you're always prepared when it comes time for paying creditors and wages.

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Bigger Hospitality profits in under 12-Weeks

Over many years in the industry, we have developed the perfect strategy to assist cafes, restaurants and bars in solving their cash flow crisis. By rebuilding your costing systems we can help you become more profitable in just 8-12 weeks.

Don’T Get Caught with Egg on your face!

Trying to manage your own bookkeeping, as a business owner, is a recipe for stress. Not only are you increasing the risk of costly mistakes and late lodgements, but you’re ‘too emotionally involved’ in the data to be able to make strategic decisions.

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