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Perth is known for its vibrant culinary landscape, but as anyone in the hospitality industry can tell you, running a cafe, bar, or restaurant is a notoriously difficult task. You can’t simply get by serving delicious food and drinks. You’ve got to manage invoices, track deliveries and pay staff wages on time. Before you know it, you’re up to your neck in bills and paperwork! What you need is a specialised hospitality bookkeeping service that understands the ins and outs of the industry. 

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Brunch & Books are the go-to choice for professional small business bookkeeping in Perth, providing specially tailored financial management and accountancy services to help you boost the performance, efficiency and bottom line of your business.

At Brunch & Books, we understand the unique financial challenges posed by the Perth dining scene. Our bookkeeping services take a client-centric approach, providing Perth bookkeeping services that are customised to help cafes, bars, and other small businesses take the pain out of managing their finances.

Brunch & Books will provide you with a dedicated small business bookkeeper in Perth. They’ll work closely with you to better understand the needs of your business, providing customised solutions to help you maintain accurate financial records, reduce outgoing expenses, and increase profits.

Small Business Bookkeeping in Perth

Small businesses are the backbone of the Perth economy, and we are here to support them. Your business is important to us, and our small business bookkeeping services are specially designed to manage the finances of businesses just like yours. We’ll get to work streamlining your processes, providing a small business bookkeeper in Perth to help you save the time, energy and money you need to grow your operation and thrive in a competitive market.

Cafe and Restaurant Bookkeepers in Perth

If you run a hospitality business in Perth, you need a cafe and restaurant bookkeeping service that’s specially tailored to meet the needs of your growing business. Our restaurant and cafe bookkeeping team have the skills and expertise you need to make the process easy and efficient. They take the stress out of managing your financial operations, so you can focus on what you do best: serving high quality food and beverages to your loyal customers.

Comprehensive Bookkeeping Services in Perth

At Brunch & Books, we provide comprehensive bookkeeping services in Perth. Designed to handle every aspect of your business finances, check out the services we provide and see which ones are right for you. 

  • Payroll management: Maintaining a motivated workforce is easy; pay your employees on time. Allow us to handle the payroll process; we’ll make sure every paycheque is calculated accurately and transferred on schedule, keeping your staff satisfied and reducing employee turnover.
  • Financial reporting: A deep understanding of your financial situation is crucial. How can you make informed financial decisions if you don’t know how much money you have to work with? We’ll thoroughly assess your funds, giving you clear fiscal insights you can use to foster future growth.
  • Tax compliance: Running a business is complex, and so are your tax obligations. We take the guesswork out of the taxation process, minimising your liabilities to ensure your business is in good shape come tax time.
  • Expense tracking: Effectively managing your expenses is essential for maintaining a balanced budget. We’ll monitor your accounts payable/receivable, limiting outgoing spending to stabilise your business cash flow.

Plus, Brunch and Books provides bookkeeping in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, giving you access to the financial support you need nationwide.

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Need a bookkeeping service you can rely on? Brunch & Books are here to help. Operating all across Australia, you can access our quality bookkeeping in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. No matter where you are, make us your go-to for all your accounting needs. 

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be difficult. Our expert team specialise in cafe, restaurant and small business bookkeeping, providing comprehensive financial services to help take the stress out of running your business. Contact Brunch & Books today and see what we can do for you.

Accounting and Receipt Management Software

We use smart software to automate payroll and we make sure you’re always prepared when it comes time for paying creditors and wages.

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Why choose us?

Our true passion is working with the hospitality industry. And there is nothing more rewarding than watching your profits grow.

Hand-made Pasta - Personal Touch - Restaurant & Cafe Bookkeeping

Personal touch

We enjoy working with small businesses because it allows us to make connections with owners, and help resolve their most pressing bookkeeping and accounting challenges. There is nothing more rewarding than working long-term and building close relationships.

Baked Goods - We Understand - Restaurant & Cafe Bookkeeping


High staff turnover is a big pain-point in hospitality, and cashflow is the biggest hurdle across the board for all kinds of small businesses, regardless of industry. We understand this and make it our priority to do more than just bookkeeping but to help you resolve sticking-points in the business.

Chef Plates Up - Pure - Efficiency - Restaurant & Cafe Bookkeeping

Pure efficiency

On top of streamlining your processes to make your small business more profitable, we save you money right from the beginning. We use the latest cloud-technology to give you more value-for-money than you would receive from an in-house bookkeeper.


Have more time and money to spend on the growth of your hospitality business.