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Tips and tricks from your hospitality bookkeeper

Profitability, efficiency, and cashflow – Featured Posts:

The smart way to increase prices

The smart way to increase prices

Everyone, in all industries, are increasing prices. Customers simply know it’s coming. However, that doesn’t mean you stop trying to make it more acceptable and understood. That doesn’t mean you don’t analyse your figures carefully before doing so. Get a good...

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Optimising Your Table Turnover

Optimising Your Table Turnover

Owners find it tricky and sometimes confusing. However, dining demand is still rising in certain parts of the country. So our job is to be able to service as many diners as we can during our opening hours. This will have a profound effect on revenue. However, putting...

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Welcome to our Hospitality Bookkeeper Blog

We’re glad that you could make it! Running a successful restaurant or café is a challenge. That’s why we have written some articles on things that you can do better, which will enhance your business.

You can see that we offer an extensive range of services for your accounts department, so your business will run more efficiently. No sense leaking money on things that could be done better, or don’t need to be done at all!

But that is simply part of running a restaurant or café in a more optimal way.

Creating a wonderful dining experience is the real reason you got into all of this. At Brunch and Books, we are here to help you with that too.

Does that sound good to you?