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In addition to our small business bookkeeping service, we also provide specialised Cafe & Restaurant Bookkeeping services. Are you struggling with cashflow or high staff turnover? We solve your biggest hospitality business challenges.

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If you said “No” to the above questions, get excited: things are about to start turning around for you. Almost all hospitality business failures can be attributed to one of these two issues. #1 Poor Cashflow. #2 Staff Turnover. Business stress leads to personal stress, all which can be avoided and overcome.

Having a bookkeeper who is an expert in the hospitality industry is crucial to smashing these challenges. Brunch & Books recognised the lack of specialised support available for cafe and restaurant owners, with many bookkeepers choosing to avoid the industry completely. We love a great challenge and we’ve made it our business, to help your business become the best version of itself.

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Restaurant Bookkeeping in Melbourne

Every restaurant is unique, and so are their financial needs. That's where Brunch & Books comes in. In addition to our small business bookkeeping service, we also provide customised restaurant bookkeeping services tailored to fit the specific needs of your business, whether you own a homestyle eatery, an up-and-coming cafe, or a Michelin-starred restaurant. 

With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, our expert team is here to get your financial records into tip-top shape, streamlining the complexities of the food industry to ensure your finances are as impeccable as the food you serve.

Comprehensive Bookkeeping Services For Restaurants

Are you struggling with cashflow issues or high staff turnover? Understanding the financial intricacies of the local restaurant industry can be challenging. To stay a beat ahead, you need a Melbourne restaurant bookkeeper who understands our city’s dynamic culinary scene as well as you do. Allow Brunch & Books to solve all your biggest hospitality business challenges, including:

  • Cashflow: By reducing your expenses, minimising tax obligations and better managing your employees and suppliers, we can help improve your business cashflow.
  • Staff Turnover: We are dedicated to streamlining your onboarding process, minimising wasted time and maximising efficiency.
  • Smart Software Solutions: By using smart software to automate your accounting, payroll and receipt management, we make the process more efficient, ensuring you're always ready to pay wages and creditors. 
  • Supplier Management: Allow us to manage your suppliers for you. We can even negotiate better payment terms to save you time and money.
  • Business Advice: By comparing your numbers with current industry benchmarks, we can develop new systems to improve your cashflow and overall financial health.
  • Financial Planning: We’ll help you plan accordingly for Super, GST and PAYG payments, setting aside money every week so you never worry again.

The Best Restaurant Bookkeeping Team in the Biz

Our restaurant bookkeeping team does more than just balance the books. We go beyond traditional accounting, providing you with the local knowledge and strategic financial advice you need to help your restaurant thrive. From daily sales tracking to payroll and inventory management, our bookkeeping services for restaurants cover all the financial aspects of running your business. 

If you’re looking to streamline the process, we have a restaurant accountant on staff who can help you manage your budget, financial planning and tax obligations. We’ll tailor a bookkeeping solution to suit your business model and operational scale. You leave the number crunching to us, and we’ll leave the cooking to you.

The Right Restaurant Bookkeeper to Streamline Your Strategy

Melbourne is famous for its thriving food scene, but it’s a competitive industry. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and the last thing you need is a double helping of complex paperwork. Selecting the right Melbourne restaurant bookkeeper can be crucial to the future success of your business. 

Our skilled team understands the unique challenges of running a restaurant, and our comprehensive bookkeeping services reflect this. We’ll provide you with clear insights that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily business practices, allowing you to make more informed financial decisions on the path to your broader business goals.

From managing supplier payments to keeping track of daily expenses, our Melbourne-based restaurant and cafe bookkeeping experts are committed to providing effective bookkeeping services for restaurants, tailoring a competitive solution that will give your business the edge. Using our arsenal of practical tools and techniques, we’ll streamline your financial practices so you can get back to what you do best — preparing delicious meals for hungry customers.

Restaurant Bookkeeping Services: A Powerful Tool for Growth

Most restaurants operate as small businesses, so understanding the basics of small business bookkeeping is essential to your ongoing success. If you want to expand your operation, you need a restaurant accountant who can simplify things. That’s where we excel.

At Brunch & Books, we make managing your finances easy to understand, providing fresh insights to help you build your business. From small family-run eateries to large dining establishments, we provide specialised restaurant bookkeeping in Melbourne to help you understand the full scope and scale of your financial situation, allowing you to make better strategic decisions and foster growth. 

Connect with Us for Restaurant Bookkeeping You Can Trust 

A qualified restaurant bookkeeper can be the secret ingredient a struggling restaurant needs to turn its dire financials into a significant success story. 

If you're looking for reliable restaurant bookkeeping services in Melbourne, then Brunch & Books may just be exactly what your business needs. We understand the unique challenges of the local hospitality industry, and our qualified team are on hand with the support you need to lead the way in Melbourne’s competitive culinary scene. 

Contact us today to discuss how a restaurant bookkeeper could benefit your business, optimise your financial management, and set you up for the future.

“Hospitality is making your guests feel like they’re at home, even if you wish they were.”

Justine Vogt

Bookkeeping services just for you

Cafe & Restaurant Flavoured Bookkeeping

In addition to our range of small business bookkeeping services that are appropriate for any small business, we also offer services specifically tailored towards cafes and restaurants.

Accounting and Receipt Management Software

We use smart software to automate payroll and we make sure you're always prepared when it comes time for paying creditors and wages.

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There are many factors that impact your business’s profitability and cashflow. A hospitality bookkeeper like Brunch & Books knows the triggers for cafes and restaurants. This partnership can save you money and make you money through the implementation of industry proven strategies.

Increase profit margins

The dream of all business owners. And the key to achieving it? Being organised. We analyse your processes and expenditure to identify your problem areas. We also constantly research innovative strategies to boost your profit margins.

Reduce expenses

Cafe & Restaurant Bookkeeping services can reduce your expenses in a number of ways. Negotiating with or changing suppliers, cutting labour costs, and ensuring all cost increases are passed on to the customer are just some examples.

Benchmark comparisons

By comparing your business performance with benchmarks across the industry we can assess your business’s performance. We can pinpoint reasons for any differences to the benchmarks, and also create financial forecasts for your business.

Record & review

Managing cashflow can be a constant struggle. To make sure your profit margin continues to increase from year to year we keep thorough records and make regular budget reviews. This enables us to critically review your cashflow situation.

Staff turnover

You spend all this time looking for, hiring, and training new staff, and then they leave. It can happen in any industry. But in hospitality especially staff retention is a major sore point which shows no sign of improving.

The onboarding process is expensive, and employees have the upper hand being able to change where they work as they choose. You can never know when you’re money is going to be well spent.

The time has come to get serious about investing in effective retention strategies. This may seem like a big financial commitment, but it’s not. The cost is minimal when compared to the money lost time and again in replacing and retraining staff.

Brunch & Books provides a number of strategies to improve your onboarding process and minimise staffing costs. By analysing your records we can see where you are spending too much and where you are lacking in efficiency. Then we can start to improve all processes for the benefit of your business.

We can also set up automated payroll software like Tanda or Deputy. Once we implement this for you, it will greatly improve the efficiency of several aspects of your business. These smarter, streamlined processes will also dramatically reduce your bookkeeping and accounting fees.

Improving systems

Brunch & Books have worked with many small hospitality businesses who were using outdated systems and software. These old processes are a huge waste of time and money and the opposite of efficient.

We can evaluate your existing software, systems and processes to see how your business matches current industry standards. We then provide recommendations on how you can improve efficiency and work smarter, resulting in long term savings in time and money.

AUtomated processes

We set up automated systems for you that manage payroll, budgeting, financial reports and more. You’ll never worry about bookkeeping again!


Time management

With industry standard bookkeeping systems taking care of mundane office duties, you’ll be free to spend more time on the future of your business.

Smarter spending

By implementing streamlined and automated processes we can do in just 8 hours per month what many businesses pay their current bookkeepers 8 hours per week to do.

You can see our Restaurant Bookkeeping services are extensive and high quality.
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