Brand New Client Impressed Us With Smart Strategy

by | 15 February, 2022 | 0 comments

This week we had a new client come on board – a popular pub in Fitzroy!

Usually when a new client comes on board, there is a fair bit of cleaning up that we usually do. However, this venue’s books were as clean and neat as you would want them to be. What impressed us the most about this pub is that they have strong internal systems and processes in place. For example –

1. Timesheets for the previous week are approved by managers no later than 11am on Monday. Any timesheets that are not approved by this deadline won’t be paid in that pay week and will be paid the following week.

2. There is a strong focus on accounts payable – bills are only paid once they have been checked, marked and approved by the managers who then send the bills to XERO via Hubdoc.

3. Stocktakes are done regularly to review costs and wastage. There is a keen emphasis on weekly reporting to ensure that costs are monitored on a weekly basis.

This is what every hospo venue should be implementing – strong internal systems and processes, and also regular reporting and analysis to ensure your long term profitability.


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