Park Street Pasta & Wine Restaurant – Melbourne

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Problem – Bookkeeping managed by an external bookkeeping firm who charged them a premium for their service. Alex (business owner) spent a couple of hours each week scanning supplier invoices through hubdoc, sending excel sales reports, and paper timesheets. Bookkeeping staff made several mistakes in processing invoices, supplier credits were missed, and statements were never reconciled with invoices. Paper timesheets meant that there were frequent errors in the calculation of overtime and other penalties. Manual entry of sales data meant that there was no proper reconciliation of EFTPOS and cash transactions.

Solution – When we took over this client, we suggested Deputy for payroll and rostering, integrating their point of sale software with Xero to avoid manual sales entry, and eliminating the need for Alex to manually scan invoices each week.

Did it work? Absolutely! Firstly, Alex saved 8 hours a month on scanning and emailing information to us as everything was streamlined and centralised. Secondly, accounts and payroll were as neat as you could ever find (no more manual entries). Thirdly and finally, Alex was able to save $8400 in annual bookkeeping fees thanks to the implementation of smart systems and processes.


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